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The Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle offers a network of awakened teachers and mentors dedicated to helping you fully awaken in this lifetime. The best way to experience this path is through one-on-one sessions with a Trillium Awakening teacher. We help accelerate your awakening through transmission, deep listening, guidance, and compassionate presence, while always deeply honoring your autonomy and integrity of Being.

Although we are united by a common commitment to embodying the core dharma of the Trillium path, each individual teacher expresses these teachings and embodies the transmission in his or her own unique way. Their individuality can serve as a template for you to be yourself.

When you work with a teacher, you can also schedule sessions with one of our mentors. They are advanced practitioners who offer extra support and companionship for your awakening journey. Mentoring sessions are free of charge, with voluntary donations accepted and earmarked for scholarships in our work.

To choose the support team that's right for you, visit our teacher and mentor profiles. Feel free to contact any who interest you, and schedule an initial "get acquainted" session.

Everyone’s unique journey is valued
"The mutuality work is unique and not explored in most spiritual communities. Greenlighting everyone's unique journey is also very valuable."

--Bob Merwin, Ventura, CA

Trust in your own process
"What do I like about Trillium Awakening events? Holding and greenlighting. Being seen. Shadow work. Teacher accountability. Amazing friendships. Gazing. Speaking your truth and being welcome to speak your truth. Being encouraged to trust in your own process."