Mentors are volunteers offering additional support for Trillium Awakening practitioners who work regularly with a primary teacher.

Trillium Awakening mentors have attained embodied awakening and received significant training, and offer deep listening and compassionate support for your process of awakening and integration. Mentors are not teachers, and mentoring is meant to supplement, not replace, the guidance and support that students receive from their teachers. While mentors offer their services at no charge, you may make a voluntary donation that goes to a scholarship fund (for the Institute of Awakened Mutuality or a local scholarship fund).

Trillium Awakening Mentors and Teachers abide by the ethical guidelines of the Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle.

Before you engage with a mentor, please read our Guidelines for the Mentor-Mentee Relationship.

To contact and learn more about our mentors, click on their names below.  

Available for mentoring:

Ananda Burke
Ananda Burke (IA)

Bill Epperly
Bill Epperly (IL)

David Bishop
David Bishop

Eric Grace
Eric Grace (OR)

Kirstin Eventyr
Kirstin Eventyr (WA)

Laura Wittke
Laura Wittke (GA)

Marcia Hince
Marcia Hince (CA)

Marlene Gotz
Marlene Gotz (CA)

Robert Young
Robert Young (CA)

Mentors not currently taking new mentees:

Anna-Lena Toledo
Anna-Lena Toledo (NM)

Cathy Pascal
Cathy Pascal (NC)

Dan Altman
Dan Altman (OR)

Denise Gallagher
Denise Gallagher (IA)

Don Anderson
Don Anderson (NM)

Wendy Redfern
Wendy Redfern (ON)