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Rod_Taylor_(133x178).jpgHello, I'm Rod Taylor.

I live in Victoria (Sooke), British Columbia, Canada.

I can be contacted at 250-686-7146 or

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I'm pleased to offer my services to help you investigate the Trillium approach and explore your own awakening unfoldment. It is a joy for me to work with people who want to share their personal process and receive support as we meet together Being to Being. I'd love to hear from you.

My Summary:

I have been practicing and teaching awakening knowledge and techniques for over 40 years. I have a Masters Degree in Adult Education, post-secondary certification in Conflict Resolution, and I'm a certified Trillium Awakening teacher and Pan Gu Shengong Qigong instructor. In 2005, through my participation in the Waking Down process (now offered through Trillium Awakening), I experienced a foundational shift into non-dual conscious embodied Awakening. I realized my infinite, non-separate wholeness, simultaneously integrated with my finite, nature of individual self. I now love working with others to support their processes of awakening in wholeness and love.

From Saniel Bonder:

"If you are interested in embodying your own authentic, both fully human and deeply divine presence with integrity and sensitivity, I heartily encourage you to find a way to spend real time benefiting from the personal presence, transmission, and teaching help of Rod Taylor. Rod has a knack for getting to the simple essences and for deeply listening to and finding ways to communicate those essences to each person as a totally unique individual. His understanding is superb, his awakened nature is deeply realized, and he is as kind as he is wise. Don't miss an opportunity to spend serious time with him, individually and in workshops and sittings." -Saniel Bonder, author of Healing the Spirit/Matter Split and co-founder of the Human Sun Institute

My Path

Throughout a long period of my adult life I eagerly sought enlightenment. I practiced long meditations twice a day, attended lengthy in-residence meditation and healing retreats, studied spiritual and self-development books, pursued evolutionary lifestyle choices, and taught meditation practices and spiritual knowledge. My path brought me significant inner experience and development, but it wasn't getting me all the way to my goal. After more than two decades in this pursuit I came to realize and then accept I wasn't going to accomplish my spiritual goal in this lifetime. Yet I continued to stay involved in the same types of things that had brought me deep inner experience and growth because I still loved to do them, they provided upliftment and balance, and they offered me hope of helping with emotional healing I wanted and needed. However, I no longer expected they would get me to my ultimate goal.

Much later, when I came across Saniel Bonder and the Waking Down in Mutuality community in 2003, I found their ideas intriguing and yet there were aspects of that teaching which seemed to me contradictory to important things I had learned about on my path. Thingslike how to reach enlightenment and the nature of enlightenment that I had understood came from 5,000 years of respected Eastern spiritual traditions. Nevertheless, something in the Waking Down perspective caught my inner attention, and I jumped into it as an open-ended experiment.

I received deep personal support from teachers and mentors in that work and I learned how to become increasingly connected with all aspects of myself. I healed emotionally hurt parts, and eased underlying feelings of unworthiness. I came to more fully recognize Consciousness as my fundamental nature and experienced Consciousness drop within my body.

Then in May 2005, after a year and a half in that work, I had my conscious embodied Awakening. I realized my undivided, non-separate wholeness with all that is. In Waking Down terms this was referred to as a second birth awakening and in Trillium Awakening this is referred to as whole being awakening -- non-dual awareness of spirit and matter. Paradoxically this awakening simultaneously includes knowing my Absolute nature in oneness with all that is and my finite, limited nature of individual self. Saniel refers to this as healing the spirit/matter split and living a Divinely Human life. I discovered the Wholeness of myself in the midst of sometimes-messy, everyday, real life, with no separation.

With that shift, my lifelong spiritual search came to an end - not as an intellectual conclusion, but as an internally felt sense. I no longer have a spiritual yearning; that place in me has now been fulfilled or completed. However it turns out that this shift is not the end; it is the beginning of a whole new evolutionary stage of life - a stage in which the limited finite aspects of myself have opportunity to be more fully seen, held, and integrated within my wholeness. My individuality has more access to healing, evolutionary impulses, and connecting deeply with others. And my interest and enthusiasm for new knowledge and processes that enhance my integration and personal unfoldment seem more openly accessible to me, without any inherent need now that they lead me to some ultimate realization. Personal challenges arise, awkwardly or uncomfortably at times, while simultaneously I experience a profound foundation of wholeness and wellness. I sometimes find myself affected by influences of my shadow side and other times I'm stirred by awareness of my divine nature, with my open recognition of both these aspects of myself supporting my increasing experience of integrated Wholeness.

Over time, I've come to experience Whole Being Realization as a Heart Awakening. In contrast to earlier stages of my path where I recognized Consciousness emerging in the area of my head, and then later experienced a shift into whole bodied Conscious awareness, I now also recognize Consciousness as having its seat and emanating from within my heart. Not as an emotional feeling in an energetic heart center, but as whole Being awareness arising from within my heart. This awareness allows my finite personality preferences or discomforts to coexist with the experience of my open heart in which all people and all things live. This field of wholeness and love connects and includes all of creation and supports my experience of loving mutuality.

My Background

I have been meditating daily since 1970 and teaching meditation since 1973. My regular practice of various forms of meditation originally began when I learned Transcendental Meditation (TM) in 1970. I became a TM Teacher in 1973 and actively taught TM for about 25 years. Over the years I learned and practiced the TM Sidhis Program and many other advanced TM programs and techniques, and participated in numerous months-long in-residence meditation retreats. My TM meditation practices and teaching role were invaluable to me experiencing transcendent consciousness, expanding my awareness, connecting with the Infinite, releasing stress, maintaining balance and good health, and contributing to the lives of others.

In 1995 I began to actively engage in a rich variety of additional healing, personal development, and spiritual modalities, and then facilitate others in their practice and knowledge in these areas. I particularly benefited from Divine Will, Soul Love and other meditation programs from Orin and Sanaya Roman; Awakening Your Light Body meditation programs and retreats from Daben and Duane Packer; and Pan Gu Shengong Qigong Moving Form, Non-Moving form, Advanced Form, and Healing Skill developed by Master Ou Wen Wei. Over the years, these various processes brought healing and expansion to my heart, experience of consciousness as a field, and enlivenment of energetic flow throughout my body.

I am a certified instructor of Pan Gu Shengong, a form of Chinese Qigong - a powerful healing practice designed to absorb Qi (universal energy) to increase vitality, strengthen spirit, restore balance, improve health, and enhance wellbeing. I teach a Moving Form, Meditation Form, and Healing Skill of this Qigong. I've found these practices to be wonderfully complementary to the work I offer as a Trillium Awakening teacher, as they provide embodying, balancing and energizing support for ongoing integration, health and well being.

I've learned internal awareness processes, including training in Focusing, that can help people connect and be present with bodily sensations, allowing resolution of inner issues and discomforts and providing ways to shift from overactive thinking to being more present in the now. I've also received training in the Option Process Dialogue, a supportive way to help others explore personal issues, uncover beliefs, and let go of obstacles to health and happiness.

I have a Masters Degree in Adult Education focussed on human resource development and training, and post-secondary certification in Conflict Resolution focused on interest-based negotiation and mediation. I worked for over thirty years in the public sector in the areas of community development, human resource development, and individualized on-the-job training.

As a father of four children I have experienced tremendous richness, connection, and love, and have been challenged and prodded in ways that have required me to investigate deep areas of myself not previously conscious. My relationship with my children's mother brought me love, acceptance and fullness that I had not known before, and yet it eventually thrust me into an experience of what I think of as "the dark night of my soul." The agony and loss in that experience became the catalyst that moved me down the path that led to my Conscious Embodied Awakening.

In February 2010, when I was well integrated in my awakened life, I came into love relationship with my beloved wife, Andrea Bruecks. This relationship has brought me gifts of personal love, rich companionship, increased grounded wholeness, further recognition and integration of my finite nature, and great enrichment in living life.

I've found whole being realization provides an emerging ground of wholeness that offers and requires new principles of relating in awakened relationships. Mutuality is experienced as a component of my own embodied heart awakened nature, with increasing awareness and capacity for meeting others in openness and love. And the shared discovery of woundings, confusions, and fulfillments within awakening and awakened relationship, provides an alchemical caldron for both individual and mutual integration, growth, and enrichment.

My Services

Transmitting a conscious embodied awakened condition.

Teaching approaches to directly realize infinite Being.

Coaching individuals to fall into all of who they are.

Mentoring awakened and awakening students.

Listening, sharing, and learning in mutuality.

Private sessions in person and by phone.

Group sittings and workshop offerings.


INDIVIDUAL SESSION FEE - $75 per hour, with a sliding scale to $45 per hour, selected by the student according to affordability and comfort. (New students may request a free half hour session.)

COUPLES SESSION FEE - $100 per hour, with a sliding scale to $60 per hour, selected by the couple according to affordability and comfort - a couples session is normally scheduled for 1.5 to 2 hours.

Appreciative Comments

[I love working with people interested and engaged in their whole Being awakening and their continuing unfoldment and integration. It is a sacred heartfelt connection for me and an honor to be included in each person's process. - Rod]

"Rod has a style that's as full of ease as it is of insight. If you truly want to examine your emerging Being I've met no one more skilled in helping facilitate that. It's an honor to get to bear witness to these transformations in mutuality. Having the space to unfold in a two day workshop comes highly recommended." -Jens Eventyr, Olympia, Washington

"I've had the privilege of experiencing Rod in a one-on-one setting as well as in a group workshop. I found him kind, steady, and highly perceptive. The insight I gained in my session with him was a very pivotal one. Even though I already had a stabilized realization of embodied consciousness, this insight dropped me even deeper into the core of my unique Being. Rod has a highly refined articulation of the subtle and paradoxical nature of this human journey, and gives very attuned and personalized responses to each student. Although Rod had carefully prepared material for the workshop, the overall experience was of effortless, spacious flow filled with rich, coherent, and transformative nuggets of deeply-lived wisdom. I recommend Rod as a very skilled and effective teacher of the embodied consciousness awakening process." -Margit Bantowsky, Olympia, Washington

"Rod Taylor's recent weekend workshop called Heart and Relationship in Whole Being Awakening was a wonderful gift to myself. His clarity, presence and loving heart engaged me and my community in a powerful way. From the start Rod's ease of Being was an open invitation for us to bring our most authentic selves into the room. Over and over, I saw people relax and transform under his loving gaze and through his remarkable capacity for attunement. Yet his style is deceptively subtle. Find an opportunity to attend a workshop or engage in private sessions with this humble, heartful man." -Joanne Lee, Olympia, Washington

"Personally, I found Rod to be a brilliant teacher. His ability to articulate with great discrimination, clarity and passion the teachings and value of this work is second to none in my experience. He's also a powerful teacher, although his calm and evenly spoken persona doesn't give a hint of the intense joy of Being he can invite even a large group of people into remarkably quickly . . . . Mind blowing and Heart opening. Thank you Rod!" -Chris Stewart, Melbourne, Australia

"Hi Rod, I wanted to thank you from the whole of my heart for coming to Atlanta this year for a weekend workshop. During your workshop my whole being was infused with a deep sense of peacefulness and stillness that stayed with me for a long time." -Amy, Atlanta, Georgia

"Rod is a very committed spiritual teacher. I profoundly feel his attention to detail and comprehensiveness in our work together. He leaves no stone unturned and what a revelation for me in my life. I am very grateful to have him as a teacher, not only is he a powerful and transforming presence, he is also extremely articulate and skillful for the benefit of my growth and well being. I wholeheartedly recommend him as an emerging and leading edge of Dharma teaching." -William Miller, MSW LCSW, Social Worker, Leonia, New Jersey

"Rod Taylor has been my teacher for the past year. He hears what I am saying and reflects it back to me in such a way that I can see the beauty of what I am experiencing. After an hour on the phone with him I remember more of the wholeness of who I am and have a greater context in which to hold my broken places. Rod also has amazing insights to share and is very eloquent in describing the awakening process -- greenlighting, the core wound, etc.-- in such a way that I understand on a cellular level what he is explaining. It is a true pleasure to work with Rod -- to feel seen, heard, and held in the most sacred embrace I have experienced." - Geri Portnoy, Anusara Yoga Teacher, San Diego, CA

"What struck me when I met Rod the first time was his easy access to a state of Being that is Aware and deeply Conscious, and he is able to communicate that State with flawless clarity. Now as his student, that first impression remains. I am the recipient of his deep listening and intense commitment to full unfoldment. The way Rod 'gets' me leaves me at awe, and the wisdom --gems--he transmits is my source of nourishment and continuous healing. He is here available, completely present, supporting me each baby step of the way." - Marilyn Kush, Portland, Oregon

"Rod is a true teacher. Gifted with a tremendous capacity to love and to accept and to understand others as they are. About three months after I started working with him, he "greenlighted" me through a personal crisis which eventually elicited my Second Birth (embodied conscious awakening). Ever since, he helps me to evolve further in my Second Life, not uncommonly by sharing some of his own rich experiences and insights with me. I feel encouraged to find my own path and guided in my ongoing realization of who I am. Meeting him made an incredible difference in my life." - Andrea Bruecks, M.D., Calgary, Alberta


I warmly welcome you to explore the Trillium process and begin your personal exploration of conscious embodied awakening.