Steve Boggs


SteveBoggs2012-134x176.jpgThe opening of your true nature can, at times, be pretty challenging and I know both the exaltation and the tribulation that can characterize this process. My particular disposition is fairly fervent and is one that I have noticed often arises in sensitive people with a natural capacity for spiritual devotion. My passion is to work with individuals who share this inclination.

Over the years of my awakening process, I have experienced myself as a tin woodsman on a yellow brick road searching for a heart I have always had an inkling of, but not fully occupied. That longing has been underneath so much of what I have occupied myself with in my life. My work, my relationships, the experiences I have had have all been an attempt to heal my homesickness for my divine origin.

We truly are magnificent, wondrous beings, yet what we so often feel is the weight of decades of baggage; all the disappointments, the frustrations, the missed opportunities, the moments when we lost our nerve, the betrayals, the regrets, the grief.

It often feels to me like the price of admission to human life is limitation, constraint and conditionality. I honor your deep yearning to know the truth of your life and to be at ease in it. My deepest intention and pleasure will be to help you come home; to live the uncreated, self-evident reality that is your truest nature. Over time, I have come to feel this human constraint and brokenness as not so much broken down as broken open - open to each moment, each new breath, each successive experience of life in a way that is undefended and uninterpreted. It is my deepest wish to help you live the ecstatic burn of this condition so that you, also, can discover for yourself the divinity of your ordinary life.

It would bring me great joy to serve you in your embodied awakening wherever it may take you.

I have a sliding scale for personal sessions from $50 to $70 depending on comfort and affordability with a free half hour get acquainted session. You can reach me at 641-472-4838 or at