Lena Cain


DSC_0671.jpgIt is an honor to be a conduit for the transmission and teaching of the Trillium process--a potent force that honors our humanity and divinity as equals.

My Statement of Intention:

I will work to create a safe place in which you can soften around your vulnerability, hosting you with deep reverence in the places that have been shut down and shut out of your light. I will bear witness as you come to life, facing into your struggles. I will offer offer my presence and reflection to you as you bring your soul back to rest in your body. I will assist you in clarifying your essential needs and help you to find creative ways to meet them.

I will listen closely for what your soul is trying to say to you. What do you long for? What does your Being want and need to express?

You already have everything you need to awaken, and it is my great pleasure to simply ride shotgun as you discover what your Being wants to reveal to you about Who You Are and who you are becoming.

There is no right way to be in this process...it's really more a matter of allowing yourself to show up just as you are. I want to help you discover new ways of loving yourself and honoring your most natural rhythms, including setting up your daily schedule for work, rest and play, alone time and social time, what foods your body longs for, what kinds of exercise feel good for you, who you want to have in your inner circle, what beliefs resonate for you about life, relationships, and spirituality. What feeds you/ fills your cup?

I will remind you how strong you are if you feel like giving up in the face of emotional triggers and life challenges, helping you to tap into your resilience and curiosity. I will offer you simple, practical ways to hold yourself and work your stuff between sessions.

I highly recommend meditation as a supportive practice for our work together.

We will work at a pace that allows you to integrate change into your nervous system and body. This work can be pretty initiatory at times, and I feel it is important, especially for sensitive types,

and those who have a history of trauma, to take this work slowly, and really allow your nervous system to recalibrate in order for the changes that inevitably occur in the Rot and your Divinely Human Descent to "stick".

Lastly, I will remain open to honest feedback from you about my performance as a teacher, so that I can continue to grow and learn from you.

With love & blessings,



Please take a moment to click on the pages to the left, to learn more about my approach, history, and how I work, and supportive practices I recommend for my students. I posted a few essays there, as well.

If you are interested in working with me, I invite you to check me out by scheduling a Free 30 minute consult via my online scheduler:


My hourly rate: $75/hour.

I work with students in-person in Seattle, and I work with students out of the area via Skype.

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