Tatini Goler


Tatini2017-134x176.jpgI joined Trillium Awakening (formerly Waking Down) in January of 2005 and experienced my 2nd birth embodied consciousness awakening in June of the same year after 15 years of spiritual search on various paths*.

I have been a very active teacher of this work since May 2008. I live for the love, investigation and expression of Being; and for sharing the awakening process to serve individuals to awaken and integrate into their full human divine potential.

My great passion is to help you get in touch with your conditioned patterns and liberate the awareness held there so that you can experience it as the flow of the unconditioned divine within you. To me it appears that nothing in the inner universe is random - there is a logic to our beauty and to our brokenness. I'd be honored to help you discover this logic of your Being. Over and over again I experience how those pieces we are struggling with, as we invite them into conscious awareness, heal and integrate and express as the gift we have to give.

In mutuality and accountability, I hold that my deepest perceptions of reality still comes through my filters... however translucent they might be... and this reflects in my work as a great capacity to hold the uniqueness of each and all.

In our work together I will invite and greenlight you to be "all that you are", the "ugly and the beautiful", "the conditioned and the unconditioned" and support you to experience the healing and transformative power of consciousness recognizing itself in and as you. I will assist you in finding your own dharma, your own life-sustaining truth, and your own deeply embodied knowing of "Who You Are" and "Why You Are Here".

"Tatini Goler has a tremendous healing and awakening gift. She embodies a steady confidence in Being which, through her teaching work, she also effectively helps her students achieve. She transmits a matter-of-fact, no-nonsense, practical self-confidence on material, spiritual and deep emotional levels. Her grounded manifesting power is what in traditional yoga is called a "siddhi," a quite remarkable and rare capacity. And with her natural concentration on getting to the next step, she finds the simplest ways to help her students make practical adjustments so they can actually live the paradox of being simultaneously human and divine. Tatini's understanding of systems such as the Enneagram, combined with her reverence for the ultimately indescribable mystery of each person's unique nature, also makes her an extraordinary teacher and servant of her students' capacity to manifest and embody their own special gifts in the world."
Saniel Bonder, Founder of Waking Down in Mutuality

*OSHO, shamanism & journey work, soul expression through singing, Gabrielle Roth's 5-Rhythm dancing, Byron Katie, and Advaita Vedanta to name the most important.

Knowing more about me might help you in your teacher selection process:
I am a student of the Enneagram since 1990 and work with the Human Design system very intensely since 2011 (I offer Human Design readings and consulting since 2014). Traditional Astrology, both Western and Eastern, and Numerology have also been very supportive. Below are some of my main themes from these systems:
Western Astrology: Taurus Sun, Aquarius Moon, Cancer Rising
Vedic Astrology: Aries Sun, Gemini Rising
Enneagram: Type 9, one-on-one instinctual subtype
Numerology: 3 - The Empress
Human Design: 5/1 Heretic Investigator, Projector, Emotional Authority, Definitions: 1/8, 40/37, 30/41, Split definition