Susanne West


susannewest1-23-2010.jpgMy spiritual roots go back to Swami Muktananda and the Siddha Yoga tradition, and to Buddhism; in particular, Vajrayana (Tibetan) Buddhism and Zen. I was also a student of Adyashanti. I was, in many ways, a traditional seeker of enlightenment, searching for liberation from the limitations of this worldly human experience. I was drawn to the light, to transcendence, to the "higher" realms. Enlightenment was about waking up. Embodiment wasn't part of the equation. In theTrillium process, I have discovered what I believe I was truly seeking - not liberation from, but liberation into the full acceptance and expression of All That Is. We awaken here to the truth that there is not and never was a split between spirit and matter. We are all of it - transcendence and immanence. We are not separate from our bodies or our feelings, we are not separate from the earth, nor from each other. No longer trying to flee from the messiness of the human condition, we can finally relax into our birthright, our true wholeness. We can fully land right here. This is truly integrative work, and I am honored to be a Trillium Awakening teacher. My professional background includes twenty-five years as a Professor of Psychology at John F. Kennedy University, where I teach in the Integral Psychology, Consciousness and Transformative Studies, and BA Psychology programs. In addition, I've been a psychospiritual counselor and coach for over thirty years with training in Transpersonal Psychology, Psychosynthesis Counseling and Guiding Skills, Guided Imagery, Somatic Experience, Bio-Energetics, and Gestalt. I have also written a book, entitled Soul Care for Caregivers: How to Help Yourself While Helping Others.

I offer Skype, phone, and in-person sessions. A free 45 minute Introductory Session is available. I also offer sittings in San Rafael and El Cerrito, California. You can contact me at susannewest888@yahoo.comor (415)721-0766.