Ardith Dean


ardithdean134-176.jpg"Ardith is one of the deepest hearts I know. She is the Mother who loves without condition and the child who feels without defense. Ardith is the love that transcends darkness and light and the connection between our hearts and the heart of all Being. I hope you have the opportunity to experience her love."

--Ted Strauss, Former Senior Waking Down Teacher

Ardith had been searching spiritual paths all her adult life. Waking Down In Mutuality came to her at a very painful, stressful, fearful time in her life. When she became involved in Waking Down, she found herself becoming transformed. She found this approach was not without pain, but she just kept going deeper into her broken zones until they could not grab her with any force anymore. Now she is present as herself, her body speaks its truth and she listens, and through mutuality she deeply and lovingly connects with others.

Ardith lives in Northwest Territories, Canada. In addition to her mentoring and teaching Waking Down students over the past five years, Ardith has been a Certified Breathwork Practitioner for over 20 years, offering workshops and experiential events to hundreds of people. Ardith is also a talented musician who works professionally as a piano teacher.

Sharing in the newly named Trillium approach (based on the teachings of Waking Down) is very Sacred to Ardith. Her intention is to welcome you with an open heart and to be there as you connect deeply to yourself, your humanness, and your Divinity.

"[Ardith's] boundless compassion will hold your joys and sorrows completely and with grace, her intuition will bring you to hidden places you never knew existed, and her guidance is grace itself. Ardith is a rare gem, of extraordinary brilliance. I bask in her light and transmission."

--Amrita Kush, Artist and practitioner of the Trillium process

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