Don Anderson


donanderson134-176.jpgI am inspired by spiritual explorations, enjoy being with people as they are and exploring the challenges of mutuality in relationships. I'll be looking forward to working with you if you feel drawn to work with me.

New Mexico is now my home when I'm not traveling. Now that I am retired from a management job, there's more time for spiritual explorations, travel, connecting with people I care about and making new friends.

I became associated with the Waking Down work about 15 years ago.. It took me quite a long time to really appreciate what it meant to me. I did not feel much during the transmission from gazing, initially. I was experiencing something, some of the time, but didn't know what it was. It was intriguing enough that I kept coming back. It's as though the transmission from the teachers came in under my radar, and it was usually only after retreats or workshops that I noticed changes. And it wasn't changes in who I thought I was, it was gradual changes in the structure of my experience. I started to notice that there was more connectedness to my experience, things hung together more, and I felt as though my perspective shifted from a feeling of being separate and isolated to a feeling of growing comfort being in the world. In a way, it seemed more that the world was changing, with my experience becoming more transparent, and I began to feel more at home in the world and with people.

This happened over a period of years, and it was only when Ted Strauss suggested at a weekend retreat that I compare who I thought of as myself to the changes in my experience, that I was confronted with the realization that who or what I thought of as myself, this separate persona with a specific history, no longer fit at all the changed nature of my life experience, and was just a habitual projection. In the moment of that realization, I saw the projection collapse before my eyes. This turned out to be my somewhat unconventional 2nd birth. Since that time, I acquired a pretty conventional sense of self, perhaps more loosely held.

This work has been my primary ongoing spiritual path. Its tantric transmission has allowed conscious embodiment to grow gradually in my experience and made it possible for me to experience an intimate relationship and deeper friendships.

My background includes working on a PhD in Philosophy many years ago, living in India while studying Indian philosophy; Transcendental Meditation (TM) for about 18 years, including teaching, and the TM Sidhi program; Art of Living (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) advanced courses; Native American Spirituality with Charlie Thom (Karuk Medicine Man) including vision quests and many sweat lodges which I found very grounding; Shambhala Training, inspired by Tibetan Buddhist teaching of Chogyam Trungpa, Heart of the Warrior and Sacred Path of the Warrior; breath work in several different contexts; "Bardo Training" spiritual gaming sessions with EJ Gold on the Internet; 2-year Hakomi Body Centered Psychotherapy training, which helped me develop more sensitivity to issues as they show up in people and awareness of my own limitations; Oneness Blessing courses in India as taught by Amma and Bhagavan "deeksha"; Enneagram workshops, helpful in understanding the differences between people, issues that arise in relationship, and psychological perspectives on spiritual growth; ongoing work with Aziz Kristof/Anadi and part-time teaching Philosophy at the University of New Mexico in Los Alamos.

I have done a lot of spiritual exploration, and appreciate the value that different paths offer. I am uncertain what my investigations will lead to, but am open to whatever comes. I would like to see more enlivenment and grounding of the divine in my experience.

This work has left me with a fundamental satisfaction with the course of my life. It has also provided a real foundation for ongoing explorations of what is possible in life, in general.

As a Trillium Awakening mentor, I look forward to exploring with you in mutuality, and hope we can work together to further your growth in the Trillium process.

Please feel free to contact me by email, and we can arrange an exploratory session