Geri Portnoy


GeriPortnoy1.jpgHello, I'm Geri Portnoy and I live in San Diego, California.

I can be reached at 858-883-9642.

I am honored to be a Trillium Awakening teacher, and would enjoy supporting you in your own embodied awakening experience. My awakening is one of the greatest shifts of my life and I feel deeply drawn to assist others in their own personal transformational experience. I would love to hear from you!

My Quest

I've been exploring awakening since the late 80s, and prior to discovering this work I had been attracted to highly disciplined systems of transformation including the martial arts and yoga. It was a great relief for me to discover the Waking Down path, and find a place to be held, seen, and encouraged to be "exactly as I am." It took me a while to relax into and trust the organic unfoldment of my awakening. In the process I experienced a dark night of the soul where my strategies for achieving seemed to fall away - even my yoga practice felt empty and unfulfilling for a while.

Only in retrospect, now that I'm on the other side of my dark night experience, can I appreciate the value it served in collapsing many of strategies my mind had for keeping me safe and separate and in May of 2009 I finally landed in my second birth. I now feel connected to the fundamental ground of my Being and a sense of wholeness I had always longed for.

My Background

In 1999 I opened a yoga center in Del Mar, CA. I currently teach Yoga classes there including workshops, teacher trainings, and private sessions. Prior to that, I spent the previous decade teaching in the public school system, including two years in the inner city of East Los Angeles setting up peer mediation programs.

I have a Master's degree in International Peace Studies from the University of Notre Dame, and am passionate about many systems of transformation including Integral Studies (Ken Wilber and colleagues), Spiral Dynamics (Don Beck), Conscious Language (Robert Tennyson Stevens), Hanna Somatics (Thomas Hanna) and Shamanism (Alberto Villoldo).

My Passion

I am passionate about personal and global awakening and supporting you in your personal journey of awakening. I am available for phone or in person teaching sessions. I look forward to talking with you.