Dan Altman


Dan134-176.jpgHi - welcome to my brief introduction. If you feel drawn to work with me or even curious I would be happy to talk with you and we can see if there is an energetic match.

I became a mentor because my experience in this work profoundly changed my life and I want to make this path available to others. I am a spiritual adventurer by nature and I have explored many different paths to find emotional healing and awakening.

I was introduced to Waking Down in 2007 and attended every available retreat that year. My quest for awakening and peace was fueled by a deep despair and depression. I had my Second Birth on Easter morning in 2008 while attending a Heart Nectar retreat with Saniel and Linda.

After a couple of years of integrating this profound shift, I am happy to report that most of the time I directly experience this deep sense of peace and well-being that I spent most of my life searching for. I am deeply grateful for the amazing journey.

I currently live in Ashland, Oregon and have a business doing "brain training" work with clients.
I look forward to talking with you,
~ Dan