Deidra Huestis


DeidraJune2014.jpgWelcome to my page and my Heart!


When I found Saniel Bonder and his Whole Being Transmission of the Heart, my lifelong dream was answered!

I had been blessed in my life to have encountered the Love, blessing, and guidance of the Great Heart Masters Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi and Adi Da Samraj. Their transmissions and teachings brought meclose to a permanent realization of the Heart. The Amrita Nadi.

However it wasn't until I found Saniel Bonder's work that I entered quickly into a stable Awakening. To Saniel, for me, the greatest in the lineage of the true Heart Masters, I am grateful beyond words.

I am deeply moved not only by his beautiful acknowledgement below, but for his unbelievable generosity over the years in helping me deepen in the Onlyness of myself and everything.

"Deidra Huestis is a remarkable, profoundly autonomous holder of the great Heart-Radiance and wisdom she originally received from Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi and Adi Da Samaraj many years ago. And now she holds and transmits the Awakened Heart-transmission that I originated and that she now radiates in her own unique and powerful way.

For 12 years she was a brilliantly awakened, yet sweetly self-effacing realizer and teacher in our Waking Down in Mutuality lineage. I am so proud of her ongoing transformational work in herself and with others, and so grateful to her for her ceaseless, unflinching investigation of her own and all reality.

Helpful hint: if you really want to receive Deidra's radiant Heart before you, (smart move) enlist her active teaching and her transmission gaze, ask her if you can just bask in her darshan--which means, simply behold her as she sits in her effortless divinely human dignity and brightness. Then see Who and What are there to be seen and taken in."

Saniel Bonder, founder, Waking Down in Mutuality

I was one of those children who suffered from extreme neglect and abuse. At the same time I was born with an awareness of Transcendent Consciousness. This awareness was greatly increased upon encountering the overwhelming Transmission of Ramana Maharshi.

Yet I was also sure early on that the material world was just as real as the Transcendent. So it was hard for me to find my spiritual home. I did relate, however, to Adi Da's first book "The Knee of Listening", and as Saniel said, realized and experienced vast love and huge Consciousness in his company.

But.....all of this did not lead to a permanent Awakening of Being.

Thankfully I found, in Saniel's teaching and transmission, a perfect fit for my intuition of the totality of All. I Awakened in a short period of time. 12 years later, I awakened to what Saniel has called the White Heat---or the Great Fusion of Consciousness and Matter. This shift moved me forward into serving the Trillium process with much more confidence and intention.

I have listed below some of things that might help you decide if I am someone you would want to work with to help you discover your own awakening to the totality of yourself and everything.

*If you have had an abusive childhood, a great tragedy in your life that has been hard to go beyond, or live with a great deal of despair. I have been a broken soul too and can meet you there.

*If you suffer from dissociation or a lack of knowing who you are in the ordinary way, I have too and so I will understand you.

*However if you have had good fortune in your life, I can help you find yourself more fully in your Divine and Human dimensions as well.

*If you especially love animals , we will share something very deep between us. And I look to the other animals to help in understanding our deeper nature and reactions as human animals

*If you want to be respected for your own naturally unfolding way, and mostly only given advice if you ask for it--that is pretty much the way I do things. I focus on your reality as YOU see it. At the same time I have gone through a lot in my own process, and will share my experience with you as you feel it serves you.

*I have found that mainly being deeply met just as we are-- Heart to heart within the field of this transmission, is sufficient to Awaken us to the Heart of All. To our utterly free Transcendent Self inseparable from our authentic human-animal self.

I invite you to this stark, vulnerable joyful fullness.

From some of my beloved students:

Calista Morrill, CO:

"To Deidra, my dear teacher and friend for so many years. To have been in this continuing life relationship has been for me a profound gift of what I call 'grace'. Your listening presence, the guidance and insights of your love and wisdom at the end of a phone line, has awed us both, and continually reassured me through all my human fears that who I am is good, worthy, and whole and is ultimately true Beingl Who could ask for more?

I love you Deidra. with great gratitude and respect."

Jan Godinez, NM:

"When I called to talk to Deidra about possibly becoming my teacher I immediately knew she was the one I could work with. She was down to earth, listening carefully, was real, honest and forthcoming during our very first telephone conversation. I think we talked for over an hour.

We began our work together a year ago, and during that time I have had my 2nd Birth. Deidra is kind and merciful, child-like with her delightful laugh. And profound as a teacher. She is the one to go to for immense compassion and understanding. She listens fully and carefully and has a way of saying exactly the right thing at the right time. She is full of love and lives and speaks her truth gently and kindly. I know I will continue to grow in embodied heart love with her as my teacher. I am honored to know and love her.

Anna-Lena Toledo, NM:

"Deidra is both gentle and loving, humble and considerate such that I feel completely safe and held. Simultaneously she IS vast consciousness which provided the space, the freedom, the breathing room, for my 2nd Birth to pop. Deidra is articulate and knowledgeable about this teaching. She keeps up with Saniel's current dialogues. Deidra can laugh with ease at herself--a sure marker of an evolved person. Her characteristic sensitivity and intelligence, her refinement, all support her as an extraordinary teacher and person. I feel deeply rewarded to be working with her."

If you would like to consider working with me I offer a free first session. After that my fee is $40--$50 an hour on a sliding scale.


Blessings on your journey wherever it may take you!