Gena Netten


Gena_photo_for_trillium_website.jpgHi, I'm Gena Netten from New Jersey, and I can be reached at or 609-731-9130.

I am honored to be a Trillium Awakening teacher serving global healing and transformation. I would love to support your sacred unfolding process and help you fulfill your deepest longing, whatever that may be.

My Commitment

I am committed to helping you feel safe enough to meet life just as it is and, in doing so, remember All of Who You Are - ever-free Divine essence mysteriously and miraculously experiencing Itself as human form.

I can assist you in building capacity so you can reconnect with all your broken, frozen, and exiled parts, as well as the forgotten aspects of your Divine nature, and emerge as Wholeness Itself, the entire spectrum of Being-ness.

I am also here to help you learn to flow effortlessly as that Being-ness and embody your fullest Expression and unique Radiance.

My Journey

I grew up in a Christian church, and at the age of 15, I had a mystical experience which took me directly into the Heart of "God". I knew myself to be that Heart in my body and whole being, although it was not something I could understand with the rational mind.

Longing to find my way back to that Heart, I spent the next 30 years desperately trying to reconcile this knowing, I explored various paths, including New Age, Buddhism and Hinduism, and eventually l landed in a Yogic path. I experienced deep resonance in ecstatic devotional and transcendent practices, including kirtan chanting and meditation.

I sought "moksha", the liberation of the wheel of birth and death, so I could permanently reunite with the Heart of God. However, something told me that escaping life wasn't going to help me find my way home. One day I had an epiphany that it might be possible to attain "moksha" in this earthly dimension, an intuition that didn't really make sense to me at the time, yet called me as "truth".

Soon after this, I walked into my first event in the Waking Down work, immediately felt the transmission, and knew I had found my way "home". Here I learned liberation and permanent reunion with the Divine Heart would come when I ceased resisting life and all my humanness while also resting in myself as that Heart.

And indeed, my Great Homecoming occurred when I had my Second Birth in 2009, and I realized myself as embodied yet absolutely non-separate Heart of God - the One and Only Heart we are All Being.

My Background

Originally from Iowa and Minnesota, I am a down-to-earth Midwesterner at the core. I was first an educator at the University of Minnesota for a few years before moving to New Jersey where I worked as a marketing professional for an educational corporation for 17 years.

I left my corporate job in mid-2010, a year after my Second Birth, to care for my health and follow my soul's calling - to help other people awaken, heal, and transform and aid in the global evolution of consciousness.

My Work with Students

As I work with students, I intend to serve as a vessel so the Mystery of Being can work its way through me. I intend to attune to you empathically, feel you deeply, and listen compassionately.

I am trained in Somatic Experiencing, a natural approach to using embodied awareness to heal the effects of difficult and traumatic events, and weave this into my teaching of the Trillium process where appropriate.

My work is also influenced by these systems: Focusing, the Enneagram, Human Design, and Integral Theory.

Because of my varied background, I feel I am pretty well equipped to meet you wherever you are - and be right there with you. I can think of no greater thrill than to do just that, to encourage and empower you to unfold in all your glory, wherever you are on your awakening path.

Fees: Sliding $60-$75; 609-731-9130