Bill Miller


Bill_Miller134_photo1.jpgHello and thanks for considering this Path which has allowed me to see, feel and appreciate open hearted existence beyond all seeking, which I had sought in earnest over 25 years studying Zen Buddhism, Integral Philosophy and other mindfulness based teachings.

The relief and joy have been miraculous while also mysterious and unknown. My encounters with teachers, mentors and students at sittings, workshops and retreats have consistently shown profound and heart-centered, conscious embodiment. Therefore my own heart-centered understanding has continued to effortlessly emerge.

Another miraculous gift inherent in this work is awakened relationship. The opportunities for discovery and growth are endless because Relationship is always emerging anew amongst those whose hearts resonate simultaneously as one and each themselves.

Once we stop resisting being here, we see and feel ourselves and all existence in a whole new way and are free to create via an open hearted relationship to life.

It would be my pleasure and honor to support you in your own unfolding journey.


Bill Miller (917) 838-6290