Elijah Petersen


Elijah_Dec3.jpgI am honored and proud to be a Trillium Awakening interning teacher. While I have had many profound experiences and growth through other spiritual paths and modalities, the transpersonal states always faded with time, leaving me feeling this sense of lack and desire for Awakening. Through my work in the Trillium process, I was able to Awaken to nonseparatedness with all that is. I wholeheartedly welcome the opportunity to support others in this process.

How has Awakening (second birth) been for me? Well, it was definitely different than what I had expected or even could have expected. The impact of my second birth these days is that I feel deeply relaxed at the core and experience a simple yet profound wellness of being more and more fully. The practice of Mutuality has also transformed my relationships in ways that have helped them be more real, authentic, transformative, and meaningful than I could have imagined. While this process has been hugely challenging at times, it was unquestionably worth it. I would welcome a conversation with anyone who would like to explore these topics in their lives.

To provide some background about myself, I received degrees in environmental engineering and psychology and currently work as an environmental scientist. For those of you into typologies, I identify as an INTJ and as a 6 with a 5 wing in the Enneagram. Integral theory is what brought me into spirituality about ten years ago, and I am deeply versed in this model and have published two integral theory related academic articles. I have developed a passion for shadow work through healing my own wounding and trauma. During this process, I completed a training program in gestalt therapy (although I am not a therapist), and am also an apprenticing post-tribal shaman. Shadow work helps me be more comfortable with and integrate the full spectrum of all that I am, and support other people in finding this Wholeness within themselves.

I would welcome the opportunity to serve you in your process of awakening or integration. I am happy to offer a free 30-minute session for new students who would like to experience what it would be like to work with me. I would be honored to support you in the next step of your journey.

Please feel free to email me.