Cathy Pascal



It is an honor to be a part of this community and have the opportunity to mentor others along their divinely human journey.

I have been on a path of personal and professional growth and healing for many years - as a counselor, Focusing teacher, student of life, partner, friend and parent.

I came to the Waking Down work in what felt like a natural evolution of my process. I was not oriented toward seeking a specific awakening but instead leaning into the next steps of healing, growth and transformation. I was interested in more consciousness, more freedom, more aliveness and ongoing integration. It turns out that this is was just the right place for all of that ... and more.

Several years ago, I delved into Integral theory and practice, it was a great relief to connect with others who were exploring the transpersonal map and territory. I came to realize that if I was to continue evolving, I needed a teacher and/or a community to help me navigate the territory. It was at an Integral Spiritual Center event that I first met Saniel and Linda. The embodied, ego friendly and "grounded in relationship and life" nature of this work is well suited to me and my life full of relationships and responsibilities. For decades, I had been doing the psychological and embodiment ("down") work. This opened me up to more energetic and spiritual experiences, which I also continue to explore. In this path, I soon recognized the light shining from the eyes and hearts of the people in the community - each person unique yet embodying this certain quality of embodied consciousness. I was moved by that quality and also had a sense that it was accessible to me, not so far away at all. This turned out to be the case as I continued to land in myself and experience a sense of deep trust, connectivity and seamlessness. The unfolding continues as I continue to be amazed at the expanding capacity for intimacy, embodiment, and aliveness.

Other areas of interest/studyinclude Human Design, the Enneagram, Polarity (a type of hands on energy work) and Somatic Experiencing. In recent years I have become passionate about dance and rhythmic movement in many forms. My husband and I live in Chapel Hill, NC and have three young adult children.

If you are interested in seeing if I might assist you, I invite you to contact me and we can explore the fit.

Many Blessings, Cathy