Sanji Hills



What can I say to help you decide if I'm the right person for you to work with?

Well, I'm always happy to have an initial chat to explore this.

I guess the words "a rich mix" best sum up what I might bring to our exchanges.

I generally consider myself quite down to earth (as a Capricorn with a love of gardening and do it yourself projects) but I also love to read and think deeply about things, working for many years as a researcher steeped in social science and psychodynamic theory.

Body therapies and emotional release have been an important part of my spiritual journey (I trained as a massage therapist and love the active meditations of Osho/Rajneesh). Groups as a path to personal growth have also been important (exploring Community Building, Group Relations, and the Human Potential Movement). But I also love the silence at the heart of the teaching of Ramana Maharshi and teachers in the Neo - Advaita tradition (particularly Gangaji and Byron Katie). I don't consider myself "religious", but have a deep appreciation of a wide range of religious scriptures and music, and love to visit churches and temples whenever the opportunity arises.

However, the most central and continuous element in my journey has been the exploration of subtle energy as a door to deep inner peace and silence. My primary teachers in this area have been Michael Barnett and Richard Moss.

I guess all of the above might help explain why the discovery of Waking Down in Mutuality a few years ago was such an amazing revelation - as a route to integrating and appreciating all the many different aspects of my emerging being, rather than feeling as if these were pulling me in different directions.

I've been very involved in the growing Trillium community in the UK and Europe, where difficulty in accessing teachers and mentors in person has meant that mutuality groups are very important. As the first interning teacher this side of the Atlantic you might find the fact I'm in the GMT time zone helpful in terms of arranging convenient meeting times.

I am constantly amazed and delighted at the richness and diversity that come to light in deep and honest exchanges and find the process personally deeply enriching. Hopefully you will too, if you choose me to be part of your support network.