Marjorie Pomper


marjorie_134_176.jpgGreetings! I am here to support you on your awakening journey wherever you are in your process. I will listen deeply and hold you with unconditional love as your unique process unfolds. I have the highest respect for you and your whole being, meaning all of you. I support your radical self-acceptance and honor all of your feelings, thoughts, and experiences. As more and more of your being wakes up and integrates, I am here as a mentor in mutuality with you to appreciate and support you.

A little about me - General Bio:

● Married 23 years● 2 grown children● Retired from a career in training and development● BS in Dance Education, Masters work in Counseling, Ph.D. in Education● Movement and dance are my passion and path● I am a nature lover who craves the woods and water● Lived in Pittsburg, PA, Madison, WI, Washington, DC, Ithaca, NY, Wilson, NC and now Marietta, GA

Spiritual Bio:

● Second birth in 2011● Tibetan Buddhist since 1975● Working 12 steps as part of a Family Group● Spiritual Seeker forever: This life explored many paths including Christianity, Kundalini Yoga, Earth-based spirituality and rituals, study with a Cherokee Medicine woman, Sufi dancing, Authentic Movement, etc.

Waking Down in Mutuality was life changing for me. My process began when I met with Linda Groves-Bonder and stepped forward to speak out loud that I wanted to awaken. With a deep commitment to the Buddhist path, I had looked at enlightenment as something unachievable in this lifetime. I came to learn and experience that embodied awakening and the white-hot yoga of the heart are not only possible, but necessary for the evolution of each of us individually and for humanity as a whole.

As I deepened in this process, compassion that I had previously practiced began to generate spontaneously from my heart. Trusting my body and honoring all of my feelings allowed me to process anger and grief that I had spiritually bypassed for many years. These shifts continue in second life within a stable background of the realization of embodied consciousness and the relief of the fall into the core wound. Appreciating and experiencing subtle energy, a new relationship to how the Goddess/God shows up, devotion that opens from the heart, and deep feelings that course through my body with the day-to-day struggles of being human are all part of my current process. I am blessed that my husband is committed to the Trillium process and that we have experienced a deepening of our intimacy and expansion of our relationship through this work.

Wholeness is a theme I appreciate. This embodied awakening continues to unfold for me with new experiences and insights into wholeness. To me wholeness means that I embrace the paradoxes of simultaneously being human and being divine, of the ache and the juice of awakening, of the profound interrelationship of all of us and the stark aloneness of each of us, of the compassion and the fierceness of the heart.

Because the Trillium process has been so meaningful and profound for me, I am stepping forward to support you on your awakening journey however it may unfold. I would be honored to be your mentor in whatever way works for you. Just give me a call or email me and we can explore the possibilities. I look forward to meeting you.