Laura Wittke


LauraWittkeDec2014.jpgAs you look through the bios of the various mentors available in this wonderful work, I want to give you an idea of what I bring. I hope that you will reach out to every mentor who calls to you, and that your process blossoms beautifully.

I am a middle-aged woman living the life I always wanted, and it looks entirely different than I ever would have expected. This is the direct outgrowth of my practice of the threefold Trillium dharma that encompasses Waking, "Down" work, and Mutuality. I get to spend my time with awakened beings face to face both locally and through the magic of the internet. I get to grow some of my own food and live simply from multiple income streams. My primary relationship with Corwin May feeds me on a very deep and mysterious level, pressing me to see life with fresh eyes. I feel the range of all the emotions, mine and the world's, in wholeness. I am sustained in mutuality, feeling myself belonging to the sangha of humanity.

My role as a mentor is to hold you in Presence. I am aware that I do not know what is right for you. By lending my awakened presence to your process I hope you will feel room and space to unfold. In my experience, when we are really heard, blocks to action dissolve and we feel free to move forward.

The second birth opened me to the felt sense that all people are familiar members of my family. That is not to say I like and feel comfortable with everyone! But more that I feel I recognize them intimately, that we are connected.

I find my own devotional nature to fit beautifully in the context of this dharma, where every person's unique awakening is valued. I love that there is no "arrival" or end-point, and that continued shifts, deepenings, and unique unfoldings are recognized and expected.

I also love that more and more I can tolerate and enjoy paradox. Your process may be utterly unlike mine, but I can marvel at it and greenlight it.

I feel great gratitude to Saniel for founding the Waking Down work, and to all the teachers who have helped me so much, including but not limited to Hillary Davis and Cielle Backstrom.

I am grateful to my root teacher Thich Nhat Hanh for introducing me to InterBeing, and for everything else he has shown me. I am grateful for the Oneness Blessing that "cooked" me to be ready for Waking Down, and I bow deeply to the founders of the 12 step movement of spiritual awakening, to the practitioners of Nonviolent Communication and to all those who have been spiritual friends. I am so thankful to be living in an age where the dharma is so freely accessible.

As a Trillium Awakening mentor, my wish is to be of service to you in whatever way feels right to both of us. If you resonate with what I have written, I hope you will contact me by phone, text or email.

With love and Excitement,