Eric Grace


ericgrace.jpgDear You,

May this writing find you well, and if not well, then may you be surrounded by people and resources to help you to become so. Perhaps I can be a part of that.

Why I am doing this...

I had a powerful experience with my Waking Down mentor in 2008. I worked with Geoff Oelsner as a mentee for 4 years, along with the work I did on my own and with teachers and counselors. During this time, I also attended retreats and local mutuality meetings in Ashland, Oregon. In Geoff I found a gift of a man who was sincere, kind, tender, humorous, and had a great knack for listening. It was such a treasure to find someone that would listen to whatever I needed to say with the space and willingness to respond when I needed with genuine kindness and care. That was what mentoring first meant to me - I valued it so much. It helped not only with integrating my awakening process and mystical awareness, but also with the formation of who I was becoming as a younger man, father, musician, poet, and human being. But perhaps that is what an awakening process is anyways.

So with that in heart, I felt moved to offer myself as an aid to someone such as yourself, just as Geoff did for me. In other words, I am paying it forward. I'm here in the realm of mentoring for you.

First and foremost, my wish is to listen to you, to hear your story, to attend to what you want to talk about or to simply be with you in silence. I also wish to learn from you and respond in ways that fit your unique needs. Ultimately I hope that it will be revealing in a way that feels supportive, encouraging, illuminating, empowering, and maybe even a little fun! It will most definitely be a journey together. Getting to know one another and seeing what our unique alchemy of relatedness is and what gifts it has to offer us.

A little about me...

I was born in Minnesota in 1977. Though I loved my family, my parents' marriage dissolved in my teen years and then through divorce, death, and other family member separations, I was compelled to leave my hometown and explore the world in search of new connections. I landed in Sedona, Arizona and lived there for 7 years, delving into a variety of spiritual traditions and psychological modalities. In 2002, I moved to Ashland, Oregon to help create a healing institute. I've lived in Ashland ever since.

With the love of learning driving me, I've attended three universities and one community college. I have been ordained as a non-traditional priest, trained as an Emotive Subself Healing Facilitator, as well as an Adorata Practitioner. I have also been trained as a Watsu massage therapist. I have led workshops and taught classes on emotional maturity and health. I have counseled individuals, couples, and groups since 2002, in a variety of formats.

I created my own business in 2008 and I continue to manage it. It is an ecofriendly housecleaning service called Graceworks.

I am a mystic at heart. I love the divine subtleties of life. I have a keen desire for intimacy and exploring the questions that really speak to, and spark in people's hearts.

I love being in nature, deepening into Being in meditation, dancing, playing with my son, creating music (particularly singing with my guitar), sharing love and romance with my partner, and composing poetry. I also have a bit of an activist in me as I help create networks of support and change in a couple different venues.

I helped found the Community Network and administrate for two different Facebook pages associated with this work.

I have a 10 year old son, named Savar, and I was recently married to my wife, Angie.

My awakening process...

I came in contact with the Waking Down work in 2006 after leaving a spiritual community feeling quite shaken. I found my first TR that year, discovering being held in a whole new way. I experienced a sense of welcome that I deeply needed. I began working with Ted Strauss and other teachers such as Hillary, Saniel, Linda, and then June in individual sessions as well as in retreats. It was not until my second TR in 2010 that I was fortunate enough to have had a triangular alchemical experience that took the form of being held mostly nonverbally in small group meetings over the course of a week with June, exploring a budding new romance with tantric initiations that included Mother Mary and the Goddess with a co-participant, and finally realizing in a group meditation with Saniel that non-separateness was my fundamental sense of life.

The 4 years that followed were full of integrations of my humanity, divinity, and coming to terms with the mystical ordinariness of life.

Now, as a Trillium Awakening mentor, I feel moved to support others to go through their own awakening and integration process.

So how about you?

What is your story? Would you like to start a conversation?

You can contact me at or 541-292-3895.

photo by Tracey Tomtene