Kirstin Eventyr


Kirstin134x176.jpgHi! Glad you came to check me out! I am so delighted to be given this opportunity to be a mentor. What an honor. It is my heartfelt desire to offer the transmission of my embodied presence to you.

I entered the realm of the spiritual through the route of personal healing. I began my own healing work as a teen and pursued the path of becoming okay for many, many years. It wasn't until my awakening in 2013 that it became clear to me that there was nothing wrong with me and never had been. I believe all those years of healing work, essentially embodiment work, served me well and continues to to this day. However, my approach now is from the fundamental recognition of my own and other's underlying wholeness. After 20+ years as a therapist and healer, I am eager to explore what it is to hold someone primarily from a feminine polarity of receiving and reflecting. From my own experience, being held in this way is profound.

I live in Olympia, WA with my beloved husband of 19 years, our two amazing daughters, and our 2 dogs, 3 cats and parakeet. I am blessed with a rich and thriving community here that I help to coordinate. I especially love to bring Trillium Awakening teachers from all over the country to Olympia to share their gifts and enrich our community. I am also currently in the process of creating a school for healers to support them to deepen into embodied presence.

Please contact me to set up a time to see if we are a good match.