Wendy Redfern



I have been propelled forward to become a mentor to support others in their unfolding awakening journey both by a deep knowing that this is a part of my purpose and also, by receiving inspiration from mentors that have loved and held me tenderly in my own journey. To them, I am extremely grateful. Engaging with Trillium Awakening mentors (and teachers) has been deeply healing for me, being seen in my fullness of all that I am, including having my flaws and challenges, not only accepted, but embraced. And now, I am here, with you.

I enjoy connecting with others and being with whatever is arising in the moment; deeply listening, supporting, encouraging and loving all that is. There is a deep sense of wonder and joy with being witness to another's individual journey and I feel so blessed each time I have this opportunity. Now, I am grateful to be a part of the Trillium Awakening support team.

My spiritual seeking was activated after a relationship breakup a couple of decades ago. Through being with the pain of this, I noticed that it felt like there was something missing in my life. I also felt like there was something terribly wrong with me, so I set out, determined to find a way to heal myself. This led me to many different modalities of body work which helped me to connect more deeply with myself. (This also helped me to connect more deeply with others in my work as a physical therapist.) Although I uncovered many things about myself and became more accepting of myself, I was still hungry for something more. My continued search led me to meditation, yoga and chanting which all felt very nourishing to me. Being immersed in the beauty of nature has helped me to feel a connection with a greater force/presence and I enjoy spending time in the forest, the mountains and on the water. I was still feeling that there was something wrong with me when I was introduced to the Trillium path. The teachings and transmission resonated so deeply with me that I couldn't stop investigating this work; reading, watching videos, and seeking out teachers and mentors. I dove into the deep end and it finally felt like I had arrived ‘home'. I felt so fully seen and heard with every mentor and teacher I encountered, that I was able to relax more into myself, accepting more of who I am and thus freeing up energy for my continuing awakening process.

A short time later (fall of 2013,) I had a consciousness awakening and soon after (early 2014) I had my second birth awakening. I realized that I was already whole (I had always been!) and I was relaxing more deeply into myself than I had ever before. There was such a tremendous relief to know with every cell of my Being that there was nothing wrong with me. In my second life now, I continue to deepen into myself, softening and opening my heart more than I ever thought possible. I delight in this ongoing process, no real final point, yet, I have arrived 'home' into myself. I enjoy being in relationship, in the ongoing growth, deepening and discovery. I enjoy the juiciness of life, I am in wonder of how Grace weaves through my days and I am so grateful to be able to feel all that I do; the extremes of bliss to the depths of pain and sadness. To me it is all enlivening and I would not want it any other way.

I wish to offer myself to you if you feel drawn to working with me. I will hold you in the same way that I have been held; tenderly and lovingly. I will do my best to support and encourage you in the way that you need and to see and embrace ALL of who you are.

Many blessings to you in finding what you are searching for.

Love peace and happiness, Wendy Redfern

(905) 484-6136 or email physio.reiki@sympatico.ca