Susan Spensley


IMG_1441.JPGTrillium Awakening, a path informed by the teachings of Saniel Bonder and Waking Down, often summons those those who have had spiritual longing(s). Many participants speak of being "seekers" for many years, then discovering this work and feeling home at last. My life search was about wanting to be one with the Divine. Although I have preferred the term "finder" rather than seeker, I found and reclaimed my Heart-Home, in the arms of the Divine. Trillium Awakening provided the perfect ingredients for this consciousness shift into Oneness.

Many paths/teachers ushered me along: Transcendental Meditation in my 20's, EST, Tibetan Buddhism, Mystical Christianity, metaphysics, 12-step programs, and more. I would attend sittings of visiting saints who came to town. I did experience "timelessness", "Divine Love", and "purposeful bliss"... for a short time. I still wanted to experience being at one with the Divine...during stress, filling my gas tank, or doing laundry. I wanted more than awareness of self and metaphysical knowledge. I wanted to know God while in my body, as my body, as me...everyday!

In 2002, I heard a lecture by Saniel Bonder and Sandra Glickman (still a senior teacher in Trillium). I was "summoned". I signed up to be in a weekly sitting-group. 14 months later, I experienced "Second-Birth". My longing had been realized. I experienced my divinity while in my body. My heart pulsed with unconditional love. I was able to stay grounded in my body. I felt more confidence.

My longing for Oneness was met through this work. I needed a safe place to be with my shadow parts, and someone to hear and see me. I needed a sacred space where the transmission of pure consciousness occurred and deepened within me. As Trillium Awakening met these needs, I then proceeded to integrate my shadow and consciousness. I am grateful to offer the same opportunities to you.

It is an honor to witness another's unfolding... becoming wholly who you are on a sacred, holy journey.

I hope to experience your presence and share my heart with yours.

By trade, I practice being a trauma-psychotherapist and professional intuitive. I enjoy nature- especially the mountains, music, art, animals, children, and the journey of love and loving.

Feel free to have an initial conversation with me to see if we resonate. Your heart will tell you.

Blessings, Susan Spensley

"When opening your heart is acknowledged as one of the greatest contributions you can make, you further your journey by inviting love to evolve our planet. From this space, you can recognize true healing as willingness to treat yourself and others better than you were ever treated in the past."
-Matt Kahn