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billepperly134x176.jpgI'm Bill Epperly and I am delighted to offer Mentoring through Trillium Awakening. This work has been so important in my own life that I am excited to be able to serve others in their awakening, healing, and integration. As a Mentor, it's my intention to support you in the exploration of who you are and who you are in the process of becoming. I believe that each of us is a unique expression of Spirit, so in mentoring I hold the space for you to become the unique person you are. I love accompanying people as they awaken and look forward to meeting and supporting you.

My spiritual path has been rich and rewarding, with many twists and turns in the path. I grew up Methodist but was agnostic by the time I reached my teens. A reawakening of my spiritual life came in my mid-20's when I entered a 12-step program. Shortly thereafter, I experienced an initial awakening to consciousness that marked the beginning of a 24 year period of spiritual seeking. During this time, I practiced with Christians (charismatics and contemplatives), Buddhists, people teaching Wilber-inspired "integral spirituality," and many others.

Beloved teachers, past and present, include:
Fr Thomas Keating (
Terry Patten (
Reggie Ray (
Br David Steindl-Rast (
Samu Sunim (
Wayne Teasdale
Ken Wilber (
And many wonderful Trillium Teachers.

I've learned to cultivate spiritual life in the midst of a busy, demanding work life. I believe that awakening does not necessarily require a certain kind of job or workplace. What it seems to require is an intention to awaken and a willingness to creatively cooperate with the awakening process, whatever that may mean for you. In my work life, I have been a research biochemist, a college professor, director of centers for learning and teaching at grad schools, and a spiritual director. These days, I offer spiritual direction, workshops on integral spirituality, and teach mindfulness at DePaul University.

I studied spiritual direction from 2003-2005 and earned a certificate from the Institute for Spiritual Leadership in Chicago. For me, learning this profound way of accompanying others in their spiritual lives has a lot of similarities to mentoring. And while spiritual direction is usually thought of as Christian, I have developed an interspiritual approach that supports people of all spiritual orientations, from Christian to Buddhist to spiritual but not religious (SBNR). Spiritual direction is all about mirroring and being present to the other in a deep, compassionate holding. This helps the other to discern the inward promptings of Spirit in their own life. While Mentoring and spiritual direction are not the same, I believe my experience as a spiritual director helps me be a better mentor.

If you're interested in connecting to explore my serving as your Mentor, please contact me today. I'm happy to have a short Skype or phone conversation to meet you and learn about your ongoing awakening!

- Bill

Phone: 773.318.8963
Skype: billepperly