David Bishop


DavidBishopJan2017-1.jpgHi - so wonderful that your entire life path has led you to this stream that flows from the fountainhead. It would be my honor to walk beside you on this next leg of your journey toward embodied awakening, and listen to you, and support you as your mentor.

My own journey brought me to this path by the stream in October 2010. Before that I had been seeking and working with many paths for 41 years. Though breakthroughs had happened and I felt fortunate, it seemed like it was very slow going. A recurring dream revisited me every so often: I was in a university and had fallen dangerously behind in my studies and needed to get a move on. There was also a woman in one of the dreams, beckoning me on, drawing me with her love, but I was dense and didn't get the message. I was getting older and time was running out for my spiritual life-project.

Depression runs in my family and I lived through periods of depression that could last several years. The worst period occured after I had failed to understand the woman in the dream and turned away from her. Slowly it dawned on me that I had been visited by the Goddess, and it was too late to go back. I did however come out of my last depression through the use of Cognitive Therapy. Over the next years I ripened and got a clarity about awakening, which became my goal.

Very many things fell into place for me and came together when I found Saniel and Linda on a teleseminar. I started working with them, and attended retreats in England with Cielle Backstrom. Getting involved was like having walked my entire life, and then climbing on a fast train. Just four months after starting the work I had my first awakening on retreat with Cielle, and the process has continued to unfold until today. I had finally intersected the goddess path and fell into her arms. I realized myself to be immense and boundless untouchable blissful consciousness, and at the same time a frail, soft, and vulnerable human. And I was Here, and eager to live out this embodied miracle of life on Earth.

Curiousity has always been a driving force for me and alongside Trillium Awakening I am currently studying Kashmir Shaivism and various goddess traditions. I've also always been interested in science and now enjoy exploring how science and spirituality intersect. Ken Wilber's integral philosophy has been a great help to me in navigating the spiritual process.

I am from the United States, but have been living in Norway since 1984. I've been a musician for most of my life and have taught guitar in a school in Norway for over 30 years. I was married and raised two sons who are grown up now.

I am so lucky to have found my partner, Leah, to live, love, and practice this path with. She has two teenage sons living at home with us.

I live in the Central European Time zone (CET) which is the same time zone that Amsterdam is in, and can do sessions on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings my time. Please contact me if you want to get acquainted and see if we would be a good match for this work. I look forward to hearing from you.