Deborah Boyar


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I honor your quest to be at home in yourself. May your heart's deep longing be met.

I offer tender support for your sacred flowering through a listening field of compassion, and am inexorably drawn to help you find safety to come to terms with loss and limitation. I love to offer deep holding in dark places that have been challenging, and can assist you to embody more capacity and ease there so that the energies bound in exile can gradually integrate. I welcome your native Being, and will hold space for you to let down from effort and striving. My aspiration is to interweave an empathic tapestry where you, the human, and You, the Divine, unite in Conscious Love-Trust.

I joined the Waking Down community in 1998, and passed through my awakening transition in 1999. The profoundly loving regard of this unique community continues to be one of the most precious resources in my life. I am proud to serve as a Trillium Awakening Senior Teacher.

I was raised in the Midwest, and have spent a good deal of time in California and New York City. My academic degrees are in Art History, French Translation, and Somatic Psychology, and my approach to Trillium Awakening is deeply informed by my work with Somatic Experiencing and Waking Down teachings, my interest in Integral spirituality, and as a devotee of Adi Da.

Together with Ron Ambes, Hillary Davis, and Krishna Gauci, I co-founded the Institute for Awakened Mutuality. I've offered trauma healing in India to tsunami survivors and refugees, and started a trauma resolution clinic at a local homeless shelter.

With Love and Blessings,