Hillary Davis


"Hillary Davis unites in her being such extreme poles of transcendental bliss, at one "end," and deep psychological familiarity with the depths of human devastation and suffering at the other, that her very presence is a benediction to everyone who truly encounters her. Anyone can benefit from her darshan and her good counsel and healing touch. I especially recommend her to those who know they are shattered or in deep distress and still also dare to aspire to fundamental divine awakeness. In many ways, Hillary can help you both heal and stand free, liberated and yet ever growing and evolving. She is one of the treasures of the Waking Down Community."

--Saniel Bonder, founder, the Waking Down Work

"My life has been utterly transformed since meeting Hillary Davis. For me, she is the embodiment of conscious compassionate presence. She is the deepest, most profound expression of the divine mother I have ever encountered. Being held by Hillary feels like being personally held in the deep end of an ocean of love. This has enabled me to explore and move through some of my own darkest places and find out that I too am that ocean of love. The most miraculous thing about Hillary is that she is also an ordinary person who has explored her own underbelly and is willing to meet you in all the dank, dark, icky places that traditional "spiritual" teachers want to transcend or ignore. I feel blessed beyond measure to have found her. I would highly recommend that everyone give themselves the gift of being in Hillary's presence."

-- Peggy Tobin, Seattle