Max Goler


MaxGolerJune2016-134x176.jpgMany years have passed since my awakening in early 2001. In that time I have gone from rejecting much of what life presented to embracing just about everything that comes my way. I have become enthralled with gently focusing on and deepening into what I call "the current instant in time" or what others may refer to simply as "presence" or the "present moment."

I have had ample opportunities to learn about surrendering into life's circumstances and have dropped into the recognition of a timeless space where the stimulus for suffering is greatly diminished through the lessening of identification with time. I have learned that to be most free, one must become progressively more free from everything associated with time and the difficulties that arise through regrets from the past and anticipation of the future. Hence, I have become captivated by feeling my way into timelessness and exploring the nuances of that space. Truly, to be free is to be fully surrendered into the present moment. This is not a mood or an idea, but a way of being that arises through really getting the power of what happens when one is able to most fully surrender into life and everything that arises therein.

This learning about deepest surrender to what is, is initiated in the Trillium Awakening work the moment we first gaze with a Trillium teacher. For me, everything after that is about developing the capacity to recognize and surrender into everything that is arising in the field of our awareness. While the concept is simple, the actual practice and resultant deepening into ourselves takes time and patience. There will be obstacles along the way where a calming supportive presence will be important. We are, all of us, whether awake or still moving towards awakening, works in progress, pieces of cosmic artwork, ever changing with every step of our journey.

In our work together, I will provide the tools and encouragement for you to deepen into the understanding of what it means to really surrender into yourself and into life's circumstances so that you will be ready to land at the destination of fully getting the paradox of being both finite and infinite, conditioned and unconditioned. I will support you to grow into an improved quality of life by helping you to know and love all of who you are - especially the parts with which you struggle. The parts we resist the most, consciously and unconsciously, are potent elements of transformation and messages from Being intended to guide us into greater wholeness and alignment with the Heart of Being.

So, if you feel so moved, please contact me for a no-cost half hour meeting via Skype or phone. It is my heart's greatest desire and highest privilege to assist in the human development of embodied awakening.

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